Directory Backup Extension (DBE) is a highly advanced 80x25 textmode, keyboard driven file manager.  It maintains and preserves unique disk IDs and file entry status flags, long filenames, jump points, and single-steps selection bar and window updating synchronously with progress of file copy, move, delete, compare, and view operations.  It also maintains a global selected list and numerically ordered queue along with normal file/folder lists; all are sortable by name, ext, size, time, order read from disk, and queue number, as well as manually.  The tag and target states for file operations are independent, and can be controlled and manipulated in manifold ways; and DBE can also be instantly exited without losing any of the important status information relevant to an ongoing series of file operations.  Extensive, detailed documentation accompanies this program, and its internal help also displays keyboard diagrams with nearly all features shown identified with their mnemonically related keys. DBE also handles unpredictable USB drive-letter assignments under XP/2000 quite well.

Purchase of this program and the conditions of sale are as follows:

Distribution Agreements:

No offer of multiple-copy sale of DBE Version 4.4O for use on networked computer systems or by multiple individuals is being made. This is single-user software only.

You may click the following icon to download DBE.  See below for methods of payment.

End-user Licensing Agreement:

This program is sold, not licensed. Purchasers of this software are entitled to permanent possession of their copy of this program, including the documentation and other materials supplied with it in the distribution archive. The author of this material does not proscribe any let or hindrance beyond the legal provisions of federal copyright legislation, and any copying or other usage of this material must not violate the intellectual property rights of this author or any legal prohibitions enacted by the Congress with respect thereto.

Not all rights are reserved by the author; the only exceptions in this respect being that any reasonable number of copies of the complete and entire contents of the original distribution archive may be made by the purchaser for the purpose of ensuring that there is no possibility that damage to the computer system on which this software is used would result in the loss of the purchaser's permanent possession of it; and that the purchaser is also entitled to place this software on as many portable storage devices or computers as the purchaser is personally the sole user of, as an extension of the utility of the software and an enhancement of the purchaser's enjoyment in the use of it.

Purchasing DBE:

This software is distributed with the stipulation that it is "shareware" in a broad and non-technical sense, in that it is the author's hope that those who cannot afford to purchase it today may see a better day ahead when they can do so; and there is no sense in prohibiting them from deriving benefit from it today merely because they can't pay for it.

The software is made available for download at no cost,
and purchase may be made for the price of U.S. $25.00

Simply send a check or money order to the author, Glenn A. Merritt, addressed as follows:

Glenn Merritt
General Delivery
U.S. Post Office
Lock Haven, PA 17745

or you may also use the button below for electronic payment...

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